Owl Patrol Great Security

We offer proven Security Guard services and management at fair prices. Save time and resources, and let our Security Guard team work for you.

Our Services range From Miami Lakes to Florida City Specializing in the following security services:

  • •Commercial Properties
  • •Industrial & Manufacturing
  • •Retail Centers
  • •Special Events
  • •Construction Sites
  • •Residential Properties & Condominium
  • •(Private Investigation are also available)

Owl Patrol Great Security manages teams of highly trained security guards, for we only hire “D” licensed personnel.

In residential communities, we offer personalized security able to respond to civil dispute among residents, patrol the property and check recreational areas such as swimming pool, tennis court and club house. For the residents a uniformed guard is a symbol of safety and protection.

In the business atmosphere, a properly uniformed guard can offer protection, not only to the business and employees but also to the customers.

Our service provides a radio/telephone communication system which allows a prompt acknowledgment /response of any situation on site.

Owl Patrol Great Security, constant and strict supervision will maintain the security officer on duty alert and observant at all times.

We are sure that you will find our company to be the most qualified to give quality service to your community. For our desire and ability to solve problems and to do the job right drives our client’s satisfaction. We look forward to working with you in the near future

Why Owl Patrol Great Security is your logical choice for security services:

Owl Patrol Great Security has 15 years of experience in the field of security guard management and can help you save lots of time and money. We help you avoid costly mistakes such as hiring the wrong security guard contractor for an important security service.

Most businessmen and women are too busy running their businesses that they neglect to treat security with the respect it deserves. They make quick hiring decisions and end up with unqualified companies based on shallow background checks and low pricing lures.

This is a sure way to develop insufficient security. Here is what can happen: low priced security services can only afford to be in business because they do not spend time on quality screening (background checks) and the training of their staff. This result may compromise the customer in ways he or she may not be fully aware of in the long run.

Less-than-professional services may leave your business open to easy access and long-term damages.

Mobile Patrol Services
Patrol services can be a strong deterrent to crime and provide a number of services. Consider: alarm response, vehicle/building security and periodic inspections of specific locations.

Officers assigned to mobile patrol duty drive or walk from location to location and conduct security checks within an assigned geographical zone. Officers deter criminal activity, answer service calls, and issue client violation warnings. We have highly marked and visible patrol vehicles. Our vehicles range from traditional sedans to 4x4 Sport Utility Vehicles., as well as golf carts. Radio communications are manned by our 24 hour dispatch center. Being the foundation of our business, we pride ourselves on our patrol services, and continue to have extremely satisfied customers

Other Services Offered (services will depend on event type)

  • -Monitoring closed areas of the venue
  • -Provide 24 hour surveillance of your supplies
  • -Guard event equipment and vehicles
  • -Provide security to VIPs
  • -Assist guest with finding their seats and direct them to restrooms, payphones, and
  • -Provide guest with directions on where to enter the venue for the event
  • -Church venues and Festivities

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