Owl Patrol Great Security

It is with pleasure that we present you with our professional security guard service.

Owl Patrol Great Security was established in 1989 in the State of Florida under license number: B9300097

Owl Patrol only hires “D” license highly qualified personnel graduated from specialized academies with years of experience in this field; such as Miami-Dade Community College School of Justice and Safety Administration.

Owl Patrol listens to our clients, then select security guards from our team that meet their needs.

For this reason we are confident to offer high quality service as well as reliability.

We are very proud that to date, we have never received a cancellation for bad service.

We are not considered the largest security company in the industry; however we are within the top most serious and dedicated companies in the state of Florida. We have a very close relationship with Metro Dade Police, Miami Police Department. and Homestead Police Department.

Our goals are not only to do what is legally and morally correct, but to maintain the respect of our clients. You will be impressed by our honesty, dedication, and excellence in our service to you.

We are sure that you will find our company to be the most qualified to give quality service to your community. For our desire and ability to solve problems and to do the job right drives our client’s satisfaction. We look forward to working with you in the near future


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Miami, FL - 33165
(305) 207-3302

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